Two people fishing on the grassy bank of our pool. They are sitting on low stools. One has a keep net extended as he may have a fish on the line.

We are so blessed with so many options for those who love to fish we believe it deserves a little more information…we’re situated in the idyllic setting just a short drive from the River Severn, close to the Wyre Forest, which is a brilliant locality for both fly and course fishing.

In addition to the local availability we also have great fishing pools on Lodge Coppice; they are stocked with mainly Carp, (which have to be returned to the pools).

A licence is not required for any of the Lodge Coppice pools as they are available to our visitors at no charge.  However, everyone is supposed to have a ‘rod’ licence.

Keen fishermen may want to visit one of the many other fishing pools close to Lodge Coppice. One of the best is Furnace Mills but please ask about the many other, must visit, pools close by.