Frequently Asked Questions 

about Lodge Coppice Caravan Park

Are you open all year?

(The 2nd most common Google search query – “Static caravans for sale on 12-month site with no age limit”)

We are open 12 months per year, yes, open all the year round. So, you can use the Static caravan as often as you like, even holiday at Christmas! However, please beware – some parks are only open for 8 months, and yet the site fees are often the same if not more and you’re only getting use across three quarters of the year! So, this, really is, a very important question to ask, and an excellent one to find out – thank you.

Please note – static caravans are for holiday purposes only and cannot be a permanent residence.

Do you have an age policy?

No! – We DO NOT have an age limit policy at lodge Coppice.

Probably the second most important question you need to ask is, “Does your Caravan Park have an age limit?” You will visit some parks where, once the caravan reaches a certain age, i.e. 10,12 or 15 years old (or more), then that caravan has to be upgraded, at the holiday park’s part exchange price, or moved off the site. We DO NOT have an age limit on any of our parks. You are welcome to upgrade at any time, but as long as you keep your holiday home clean, tidy, and well maintained, that date is up to you. If you decide to sell your static caravan, there’s only one buyer – us!  We are so keen to choose our new caravan owners, for our park, we guarantee to give you the Glasses guide value for your pre-owned static caravan should you decide to sell however, if you terminate your tenancy we buy caravans back in line with the current market value as determined by Glasses Guide. We are a static caravans park, with statics for sale, on 12-month site – no age limit.

Is the site ok for those with limited mobility?

Visitors can park outside our Site Office; our Warden will drive you round. One of the first things you will notice about Lodge Coppice is, unlike many other Parks, which have been developed on hillsides or in valleys, our Park is very flat and easily accessible even in a wheelchair. This immediately makes Lodge Coppice very desirable for older families possibly looking towards retirement where longer holidays can become a reality.

How secure is the Park?

Security is covered, in, out and about, on our safe, friendly family holiday park. To enter our touring Park or our Static Caravan Park owners are given a security code to open the gates or lift the security barrier – we have CCTV, and our Warden lives on site. Some questions are more important than others when choosing a Caravan Park and holiday home so don’t forget to ask about security.

Can I bring my dog/cat or other Pets?

YES. Pets are welcome but we rely on good owners and ask that Dogs are kept on leads around your caravan and are not left unattended during the day (up to maximum of 2). Please clean up after your dogs.

What is included in the Caravan price?

The siting and connection to sewage, water, gas, electricity and TV point plus 3 rows of slabs the length of the caravan is all included in the price.

What is not included in the Caravan price?

The annual static caravan site fee of £2,762.98 (inc VAT) is payable on or before 1 April each year.  An annual service charge for gas and electric and units used throughout the year is billed separately. You are required to take out your own insurance and provide us with a copy of your insurance certificate. If you would like us to put you in touch with our preferred insurance provider for a quotation, please get in touch with us.

Do I Need a TV License?

If your main residence and static holiday caravan are not occupied at the same time, then you will not require a TV license.

Does the Park have Internet?

The park has excellent high speed internet. Please ask for details.

What Are the Park Rules?

We don’t like rules or rule books and try not to impose to many. To be “considerate to your neighbours” is at the heart of everything we all do at Lodge Coppice. Please don’t make too much noise and generally look after one-another as part of the community, and you will find yourself quickly welcomed. If you’re ever unsure about anything, the best thing to do is speak to the park Warden, she will be more than happy to help you; friendliness is a trait common across all caravan parks.

Do I need to pay council tax on a holiday home?


As our holiday homes are non-residential, you won’t be liable to pay council tax on our park. Council tax is only paid on your main residence, the property in which you live. All rates are included within your site fee.

Will my holiday home come with appliances?

All our new holiday homes come with fully fitted kitchens and many appliances – though specifications do vary, so please make certain everything you want is included at point of sale. Preloved models are sold as seen, though we can source additional items if required.

Can I upgrade my holiday home in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade your holiday home at any time – simply speak to one of the team to discuss your upgrade options. You will be eligible to part-exchange your existing holiday home too!

If you want an extra bedroom, more storage, added luxuries such as a walk-in wardrobe or you’re just after a newer static caravan – upgrading can be the easy way to continue your ownership lifestyle. Plus, as an existing owner, you’ll get our best offers, including your part exchange price. Why not explore our range of brand new and preloved caravans, with something to suit all tastes and budget?

I have decking installed on my Caravan?


In most cases this can be arranged although the plans must be approved by the Park to ensure they meet Park rules and Fire Regulations and be of a non-combustible material.

Can I sublet my holiday property?


Sub-letting on the Park is STRICTLY forbidden.  This maintains the Park’s sense of security and community.

Can my family and friends visit?

Yes, of course.

Can my family use my Caravan if I am not present?

Yes. If you are happy to let a family member or friend have access to your Caravan we do not have a problem with this. Please inform Reception that you have family/friends staying in your absence.

Are you planning any Future Developments?

Developments are likely and general improvements.

How do I go about buying a Caravan?

You can currently buy by cash, cheque, card, Bank Transfer or through a specialist finance company, Our friendly warden will help you, she’s our expert!

Is there a warranty on purchases?

Yes, there is 12 months warranty on all NEW caravans and a 4 month warranty on all pre-owned caravans.

Where do I park my car(s)?

Cars can be parked next to the Caravan.  All pitches have at least one parking space, most plots having two parking spaces.

Am I allowed to sell my holiday property?

Yes – there’s only one buyer – us!  And we always pay the glasses guide recommended price dependent on condition.

How do I Insure My Static Caravan?

You are required to take out your own insurance and provide us with a copy of your insurance certificate.

Caravan insurance is extremely beneficial for all caravan owners, protecting against most types of damage, much like home insurance, including storm, flood, and winter damage. Some policies also offer a new for old replacement scheme in addition to contents cover and coverage for your keys and locks should they fail or go missing.

There are different insurance providers to choose from when insuring your static caravan, so make sure to shop around to get yourself the best deal with the most comprehensive cover. If you would like us to put you in touch with our preferred insurance provider for a quotation, please get in touch with us.

Anything else?

If we can help in any way, please call 01299 272 864 or message us through our contact page.


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